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Kubent – is a giant made of cubes who helps innocent monsters or any others who need protection.

Special Powers

  • A red laserĀ  that shoots 4 beams on any enemy that attacks.
  • super strength
  • rebuilds after a smash
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Evil Crush Stone

Evil Crush StoneĀ  – is a terrible enemy who smashes mountains on every island to hunt for the soul of his father to bring him back.

Special Powers – his powers are orange thunder that burst out of his claws and other ones but different abilities .

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Furno Robot

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Acid Dragon

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Ice Dragon

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Death Flame Lord of Fire

Death Flame Lord of Fire – is a dragon who has lava proof scaly skin that feels red hot. The strength of the flame he breaths on an enemy is the highest level of destruction!

Special Powers

  • Flame Breath that can melt giant boulders
  • The scales on his body protects him from destruction
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