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SkullDoom –  A skeleton that was actually a giant alien that died when a satellite shot a ray at him.  After that he died although Ive already said that.  Let’s just get on about what happened, anyway the silly evil satellite killed him like I’ve already said 100 times.  Anyway when the ray hit him he actually saw it coming and said  “ah man!” And a  smaller alien also saw it coming and said “yay fire works!” Then you probably know what happened like Ive said now 1000 times. Your probably getting annoyed he died and that’s now the boring part.

special powers – strength from that big hand on the left that can strangle someone “ha!” It’s like the cyborg alien his hand’s are strong because of his staff and  Staff+Skeleton=DEATH!.


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Spiker Dash


Spiker Dash – Is a dragon that is completly spiky and also loves to fly. He’s called Spiker Dash because he is a very spiky dragon that dashes through the lands with a ring of cloud disappearing around it’s tail. He also breathes a big blast of white fire that bursts out of his mouth. As you can see on the picture above it’s spikes are orange not because of the colour but because of the heat.  The spikes are a  brilliant weapon for protection because  if a knight jumped on his head the spikes would spread lava and burn the knights feet. It’s spikes are hot because inside is 100 % boiling lava which runs around the daggers sticking out of his head and tail.  His only weakness is water.

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War Creeper


War Creeper –  is the guard of a castle  named the Dark Tower.  It’s almost impossible to attack because the War Creeper is terribly powerful and also the bridge has been destroyed. Every time people go there to attack, the War Creeper stares deeply and blinks twice.  The second big blink it does turns the warrior into bones!

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Alien Evil Together

Alien Evil Together – 2 evil alien brothers  who work together for a crystal named the crystal of life. If they make it back to their lab with the crystal of life in their hands then throw it into their  machine it will turn to ashes and give them the ability to rule the land!

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Shadow Scream

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HalfWorld ThunderStrike

HalfWorld ThunderStrike – is a planet that has people with robot armour that never brakes. They use robot armour that has a force field  around it to help protect from danger.  The buildings are made of diffrent pieces of unbreakable metal and have secret battleship doors to protect the city. Warriors go on missions to save their side of the planet.

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Heroes Strike Evil


Heroes strike enemies– is a game me and my friends made up and what you do is battle every enemy that charges for a fight.  You can also collect weapons to attack and you can have fights in the ocean in giant battle boats that shoot giant war cannons. When you complete level 9 you battle a skeleton dragon that was forced by the skull lord to break into the King and Queens castle. Then you have to find his power source and stop his pet soul venom. When you complete the final  level you must destroy the skull lord in an under ground giant dungeon that is so deep  it touches bedrock. His home is under ground because he needs undead so he can turn them into evil undead warriors!



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Cyborg Alien

Cyborg Alien – is an undead alien who died in a war but he came back at midnight and stayed alive because the ray that shot him was a special weapon that was chosen wrong.

Special Powers

  • the metal legs are completly strong and can kick enemies 2 miles away
  • the 2 tentical  hands he chopped off a monster that can strangle an enemy charging at him
  • the gun that got stuck in his hand can destroy any thing but energy cores
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