SkullDoom –  A skeleton that was actually a giant alien that died when a satellite shot a ray at him.  After that he died although Ive already said that.  Let’s just get on about what happened, anyway the silly evil satellite killed him like I’ve already said 100 times.  Anyway when the ray hit him he actually saw it coming and said  “ah man!” And a  smaller alien also saw it coming and said “yay fire works!” Then you probably know what happened like Ive said now 1000 times. Your probably getting annoyed he died and that’s now the boring part.

special powers – strength from that big hand on the left that can strangle someone “ha!” It’s like the cyborg alien his hand’s are strong because of his staff and  Staff+Skeleton=DEATH!.


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2 comments on “SkullDoom
  1. hi its ellie from school your pichers are freaking me out from ellie xxxx 🙂

  2. Daisy Johnson says:

    Ellie is cool don’t have to say it all the time!!!!!

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