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Ice-O-Tron – Ice-o-tron is a frost monster, its nearly Xmas so I thought I’d do a winter based picture, plus it’s been a while since I

drew a picture so you HEAR THAT THE ARTIST IS BACK!!!! (:   so basically i thought of a Xmas hat because and then thought of icicles and a mace and at the top of Ice-o-tron’s head you can see a icicle mace for the white fluffy ball on top of the hat. And just so you know, under the title it says “Seasonal series because when it’s Christmas, Halloween summer or something, I’ll make a monster based on special occasions and on my birthday I’ll make one well right after I get back from **HOLIDAY** that is. So anyway! back to the picture, I drew a SNOWBALL CANNON on him because I thought of snowball fights and how fun and epic they are and Xmas trees on 1 leg because I thought it wasn’t christmasy enough. Oh and don’t forget to watch Man gets squashed although it;s like 3 SECONDS LONG It’s HILARIOUS!!! LOL  xD. well I know Christmas is peaceful and everything, but like it just came to me NO NEED TO JUDGE!! plus i got SKYRIM for my birthday and it’s VERY I mean VERY violent. I liked the idea of a ICICLE POCKET KNIFE it looks WAY more DEADLY I haven’t drew for a while cos iv been busy GAMING on my ps3 I got attached to gaming for a YEAR.  Anyway, this is my winter based picture I hope you enjoy Xmas and soon it’s 2015 and.. I guess that’s it, SEE YA                      😀

Merry Christmas in a while P.S please comment rating my picture 1 to 10

and comment telling me what YOU want for Christmas.                         🙂            C:          😀    ^-^

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Sonic Chainsaw


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The Predator

The Predator

The Predator –  the predator can see things that have a boiling temperature. To be honest  I haven’t actually seen the film predator because my dad says it’s to violent.  And by the way there’s a part I don’t feel comfortable of watching because my dad said some sort of guy gets skinned and when I think about it I think man that’s nasty and as in nasty I mean gross. Now ill tell you the story of how Arnold set a trap for predator. Well the main character Arnold was swimming out of a lake I don’t know how he got in the lake don’t  pressure me on a comment.





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