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War Creeper


War Creeper –  is the guard of a castle  named the Dark Tower.  It’s almost impossible to attack because the War Creeper is terribly powerful and also the bridge has been destroyed. Every time people go there to attack, the War Creeper stares deeply and blinks twice.  The second big blink it does turns the warrior into bones!

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Shadow Scream

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Heroes Strike Evil


Heroes strike enemies– is a game me and my friends made up and what you do is battle every enemy that charges for a fight.  You can also collect weapons to attack and you can have fights in the ocean in giant battle boats that shoot giant war cannons. When you complete level 9 you battle a skeleton dragon that was forced by the skull lord to break into the King and Queens castle. Then you have to find his power source and stop his pet soul venom. When you complete the final  level you must destroy the skull lord in an under ground giant dungeon that is so deep  it touches bedrock. His home is under ground because he needs undead so he can turn them into evil undead warriors!



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Acid Dragon

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Ice Dragon

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Death Flame Lord of Fire

Death Flame Lord of Fire – is a dragon who has lava proof scaly skin that feels red hot. The strength of the flame he breaths on an enemy is the highest level of destruction!

Special Powers

  • Flame Breath that can melt giant boulders
  • The scales on his body protects him from destruction
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