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Sonic Chainsaw


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Robo Blast

Robo- Blast

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Ratchet & Clank

Ratchet and Clank

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Eye of the Dragon

The Eye of the Dragon

The Eye of The Dragon – once upon a time a brave robot knight that was made on a planet called Iverak who was made to defend the planet against the darkest power in the universe. One day a terrible creature arrived with red fiery eyes who could breath red hot fire because he had lava in his belly. There was only one thing it could be and that was the SPARK INSTRUCTOR!! All the knights fell except for the bravest knight.

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HalfWorld ThunderStrike

HalfWorld ThunderStrike – is a planet that has people with robot armour that never brakes. They use robot armour that has a force field  around it to help protect from danger.  The buildings are made of diffrent pieces of unbreakable metal and have secret battleship doors to protect the city. Warriors go on missions to save their side of the planet.

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Kubent – is a giant made of cubes who helps innocent monsters or any others who need protection.

Special Powers

  • A red laser  that shoots 4 beams on any enemy that attacks.
  • super strength
  • rebuilds after a smash
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Furno Robot

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