Bone Stab

Bone Stab

Bone Stab –  is the 2nd pet of the bone lord. And if you slide down his back,  get stamped or bitten you’d have more holes in your bod then you think! Bone stab stands 20 feet tall  but bone lord is a even taller which is why his planet is pretty bigger than earth and the other planets.

Basically bone stabs the rock fighters but rock wont break him because he’s bones are rough and his heart gives him power to destroy stone so see you on the next picture bro it’s going to be awesome.  Bye man or chick it depends on what you are,  I better go now and draw some thing else.

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2 comments on “Bone Stab
  1. Ellie says:

    How did you draw the bones

    • millie moo says:

      yh ellie he probs did im sure it took him quite a long while but he got it finished in the end x 🙂

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