The Spark Instructor

Spark Instructor

The Spark Instructor –  a terror killer who works for his evil boss. His job is to… wait I have forgotten to tell you that you can only tell your wife if she’s cool on stuff that’s freaky. Now i’ll just tell you the freaky part. It’s job is to breath red hot fire at the vikings that try to face the evil glory of the dragon!  Also since I first thought of this guy and the thing I have just wrote, I was actually thinking  that the cruel thing  what it does to the vikings is probably what the dragons were going to do to the vikings on how to train your dragon before they became friends. Any way it’s about time I go and move on to some thing else now, OK bye.

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2 comments on “The Spark Instructor
  1. Millie Johnson says:

    Wow,hi Jacob its millie daisy’s sister you have a great imagination and you are great at drawing I never new you could do this!xxx

  2. Daisy Johnson says:

    I love your piture!!!!!

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