The Stone Chrusher

The Stone Chrusher

The Stone Chrusher – a dragon that was created by vikings. It was made like this:

  1. gather rocks toghether
  2. crush the rocks toghther for 60 hours so it looks like a dragon
  3. then get an orange crystal gem
  4. after that get a stone shaped like a pointed oval
  5.  now you have a rock dragon
  6.  call for a alien invasion so they bring the dragon to life
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4 comments on “The Stone Chrusher
  1. Millie says:

    This is well cool, Jacob!

  2. Ellie says:

    Well cool Jacob that must be a new one

  3. i wish i can draw bone stab and bone lord there soooooooooooooooooooooooo coool can u please train me plees

  4. My nan is an artist. When i go round her house i will ask her to draw one of ur pictures. I will show u wen i see u. BYE

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