War Creeper


War Creeper –  is the guard of a castle  named the Dark Tower.  It’s almost impossible to attack because the War Creeper is terribly powerful and also the bridge has been destroyed. Every time people go there to attack, the War Creeper stares deeply and blinks twice.  The second big blink it does turns the warrior into bones!

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6 comments on “War Creeper
  1. emily says:

    hi jacob its emi i can’t belive what an imagination you have and i can’t wait to see you xx emily

  2. Jaydon says:

    Ausme picture Jacob it is incredible the monster is like its going to kill you on the picture that’s why I like it it is like us when we do four armes . At school that was so funny when we were chasing Emily and Scarlett we got them dead like when Emily stopped and then I lifted you up and you were kicking them while I was lifting you up


  3. Jaydon says:

    can’t draw ad good as. U me can u

  4. i love it!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

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